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Latest in Doc Humor

Celebrate the 4th with David, Mike, Elvis, and the Revolutionaries from The Doctor's Channel

Happy July 4th – An Empire State of Mind

The Fourth of July is celebrated throughout these fifty states, but there’s only one Empire State (of Mind). Sponsored by The Doctor’s Channel

from the tappers and hoofers at TheDoctorsChannel.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2010!

Erin go Bark – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! From your “lucky charms” at www.TheDoctorsChannel.com May you never have to eat your hat. -Irish blessing Sponsored by The Doctor’s...

Happy Valentine's Day from The Doctor's Channel

3D Video Valentine

Experience this 3D Valentine’s Day video card with Drs. Banks & Best, and of course, Elvis. If you liked Avatar, you’ll love Elvatar! While the video is fun, the message is serious. Don’t let our furry friends roam without a home....