Elvis Best and Niki Dog were married Saturday, August 29th at 2 p.m. at Fido’s Festival USA in Woodstown, NJ. The mayor of Paulsboro, John Burzichelli, performed the ceremony. Over 300 anxious canines and human companions comprised the record-setting guest list.

The couple, both 3, met moments before the ceremony began. Despite their abbreviated courtship period, all onlookers observed their instant emotional bond marked by comprehensive reciprocal sniffing.

Niki Dog is keeping her name. She is the daughter of Gwendolyn Bates Dog and Edgar Collins Dog of Hawthorne, NJ. Her father is the founder of Go-Fetch Inc., a leading tennis ball manufacturer. Her mother works as a fur stylist at Doggy Style, a popular chain of canine grooming facilities.

Elvis Best is a budding celebrity and reality television icon having appeared in CBS’s hit reality TV sensation, "Greatest American Dog". He is the son of Sire Brown Trout and Micheala Wasp. His father achieved international fame after winning Best in Show in Crufts, England’s most prestigious canine exposé. He now works as an independent consultant on human-canine relations in London, England. His mother is a “stay-at-kennel” mom who cares for his 11 siblings.

“At first I was a little skeptical at the idea of an arranged marriage,” Elvis said through a canine interpreter, “but after I laid eyes on Niki and got a good sniff, I knew things would work out just fine.”