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Why PSA Exams Do More Good Than Harm

Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Judd Moul, MD, explains why he disagrees with the recent move by the US Preventive Services Task Force to give the routine PSA exam a D-rating. He discusses the regular reasons for why men over forty might be allowed to postpone PSA exams if they meet certain clinical benchmarks, and why this reasoning does not extend to getting rid of a routine PSA checkup for all men.


Bio for Judd Moul, MD

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Judd Moul, MD
Salary: Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic, Duke University
Royalty: Up-To-Date, Inc.
Consulting Fees: Ferring, Amgen, sanofi aventis, Baxter, Medivation
Fees for Non-CME Services: Ferring, Amgen, sanofi aventis, Janssen, Dendreon, Iris