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Cancer Patients Benefit When Oncologists Utilize Telemedicine

Telemedicine Can Save Physicians & Patients Both Time and Money

Patients that have been diagnosed with breast cancer often end up with a cumbersome amount of appointments with their physicians and specialists. Many of these doctor visits could be just as effective if conducted remotely in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Telemedicine offers providers the ability to ease some of the burden of inconvenient travel and extensive time-consumption on their patients.

Rebecca Kaltman, MD, oncologist and founder of Breast Cancer Consultants, believes that utilizing telemedicine platforms can help give patients some power and flexibility over their cancer care. By eliminating some of the stresses associated with managing their condition, while also making it easier for loved ones to be present during the doctor-patient interactions, oncologists can positively influence patients’ mental health while trying to improve their physical health.

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