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Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.
Unlike the questionable folk remedy version, this "super glue" is actually made to be applied directly to wounds.
Postural instability is linked to Parkinson’s Disease. Daniel Corcos, PhD, explains how dancing and exercise may improve this symptom. He acknowledges that weight training, progressive resistance exercises, and high intensity endurance exercises are the best prescription for patients to manage their...
Dr. Adler provides a detailed review of the diagnostic criteria associated with adult attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) due to the complex constellation of symptoms that mimic or confound other mental health issues.
With the help of a few algorithms, combining a pen, a piece of paper, and a drawing tablet can yield a very accurate medical diagnostic tool.
Each month we present you with the latest featured study from the research teams at JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association. Check out the video for intriguing updates in the fields of medicine and healthcare.

Test your dermatology knowledge with this week's Derm Case Challenge.

75-Year-Old Female with Rash on Lower Extremities

Can you identify this skin ailment? Take this week's Derm Case Challenge to validate your diagnosis.
The United States National Institutes of Health (US NIH) has collaborated with an established pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, in an attempt to foment a revolutionary medical breakthrough in HIV treatment.
A high yield review of best-practices to maintain patient-centered communication while using the electronic medical record.

Professional Development

How’s Your Computer-Side Manner?

This video uses patient stories to provide tips on how to improve patient doctor communication while using the computer in the exam room.