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Latest in Ophthalmology

Multifocal lenses in cataract surgery

Presbyopia correcting artificial lenses

Hylton Mayer, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University Department of Ophthalmology, discusses presbyopia correcting artificial lenses which, when used at the time of cataract surgery, help a patient have normal vision at a distance, as well as up...

Turning down oxygen levels to encourage retinal growth

Reversing ROP

Jonathan Sears, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, discusses reversing phase 1 and 2 of ROP by turning down oxygen levels to encourage retinal growth. Summary: Recent data and clinical trials have...

Ocular oncology

Metastatic eye disease

Miguel Materin, MD, Director of Ocular Oncology Section, Yale Eye Center, discusses metastatic eye cancer that can be caused by any cancer, but most commonly carcinomas. Summary: Breast cancer and lung cancer most commonly metastasize to the eye....