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Vital Signs

What Are the 5 Steps That Doctors Can Take to Set Up Their Practice for Simplifying Alcohol Counseling

The January 2014 Vital Signs report urges healthcare professionals to aid in preventing alcoholism and excessive drinking by using alcohol screening and counseling. In this video, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, MD, MPH explains that there are 5 easy steps that doctors can take in order to set up their practice in a way that can simplify care for alcohol dependent patients. More than 30 years of research has shown that alcohol screening and brief counseling is effective at reducing risky drinking. However, this month’s Vital Signs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that only 1 in 6 adults — and only 1 in 4 binge drinkers — say a healthcare professional has ever talked about alcohol use with them. CDC director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, shares strategies and tools to help doctors talk with their patients about alcohol use.

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