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Weight-Loss Surgery May Cause Change in Taste and Smell

Weight-loss surgery is known for its ability to help regulate appetite but a new study in Obesity Surgery has shown that it also may change a person’s sense of taste and smell, CBS News reports. 103 patients underwent “Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, in which the stomach is made smaller and the small intestines is shortened.” Results showed that 97% of people reported an appetite change after surgery, 42% said their sense of smell changed and 73% reported changes in taste. “They especially noted changes in the taste of chicken, beef, pork, roast meat, lamb, sausages, fish, fast food, chocolate, greasy food, pasta and rice.” Researchers also found that those who reported a distaste for certain foods after surgery lost an average of 18 pounds more than those whose taste wasn’t affected.

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Read the study in Obesity Surgery.