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Toning Down Diabetes Risk, One Drink at a Time

A post in The NY Times’s Well blog reports a study published in Diabetologia which found that swapping in one serving a day of water, tea or coffee for a sugary soft drink or dairy beverage can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Using data from more than 25,000 British men and women, researchers found that just one serving per day of a sugary soft drink or sweetened dairy drink increased the risk of diabetes by 14 to 27 percent. Furthermore, every additional five percent of total calories consisting of sweetened drinks increased diabetes risk by 18 percent. The lead author noted that while we typically hear news about the bad health effects of various behaviors and habits, these results offer some effective solutions for making us healthier.

Read the post in The NY Times’s Well blog.

Read the study published in the journal Diabetologia.