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The Link Between Optimism and a Healthy Heart

While prior research has established a connection between psychological pathology and poor physical health, researchers sought to find a link between psychological well-being and good physical health, CBS News reports. According to a study published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review, the link actually exists. Data gathered included more than 5,100 adults aged 52-84 between the 2002-2004. The subjects were administered a standardized test that gauged optimism levels, and then split into four groups from least to most optimistic. The researchers then scored the heart health of each group. The optimists were 50-76 percent more likely to have heart health scores in the intermediate or ideal ranges. They were also found to be healthier in terms of blood sugar, cholesterol and BMI.

Read the article published by CBS News.

Read the study published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review.