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The CDC’s 4 Steps to Achieving HIV Viral Suppression

Eugene McCray, MD, Director, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses the CDC’s four steps to achieving HIV viral suppression. Roughly 14 percent of people living with HIV are undiagnosed and thereby do not receive the medical attention they need. The first step consists of HIV testing and diagnosis, with those at greater risk for contracting the disease receiving more frequent testing. The second step is helping those living with HIV to begin proper treatment and remain on a treatment course. Step three is prescribing medications to treat the virus, which just 37 percent of people with the disease are getting. The fourth and final stage is to help patients move towards the goal of vial suppression. Currently, only 30 percent of all people with HIV have achieved this goal, despite the fact that 76 percent of patients receiving treatment will reach this goal.

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