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The Answer for Long-Term Breast Cancer Survival? Yoga

The Huffington Post reports on a new study in Journal of Clinical Oncology that has shown that yoga may be the answer for improving long-term outcomes in patients who survived breast cancer. In the study, breast cancer survivors, ranging from 27 to 76 years old, were assigned to receive 90 minutes of yoga twice a week for 12 weeks or to a control group who were “on the waiting list” for yoga classes. “At the end of the three-month yoga intervention, the participants who were in the yoga group reported a 41% decrease in fatigue levels…a 12% increase in vitality score” and improved reported sleep quality. Researchers also assessed inflammation by looking at levels of cytokines in blood samples and found that the yoga group had lower levels of cytokines than the control group. At 3-month follow-up the effects had not worn off, showing that certain exercises may have lasting benefits for these patients.

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Read the study in Journal of Clinical Oncology.