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Study Shows No Connection Between ASD and Celiac Disease

Reuters reports that a study in JAMA Psychiatry has found that, despite previously held beliefs, there is no link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and celiac disease. Previous studies have found that switching ASD patients to gluten-free diets improves ASD symptoms, leading scientists to believe that the two conditions are related. The new study collected individuals from a Swedish database and compared biopsies of patients with a history of ASD to age and sex matched controls. They found no correlation between ASD and celiac disease. In fact, “about 44 people per 100,000 were diagnosed with an ASD before they were diagnosed with celiac disease. That compared to about 48 people per 100,000 who were diagnosed with an ASD but not with celiac disease.”

Read the article published by Reuters.

Read the study in JAMA Psychiatry.