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Stopping Migraines Before They Begin

According to CBS News, new experimental drugs to treat migraines have shown efficacy in test trials. Migraines affect approximately 36 million americans and can be severely debilitating. The drug works by reducing the level of calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) by utilizing monoclonal antibodies to CGRP.  Currently, Alder, Amgen, Eli Lily, and Teva Pharmaceuticals are all testing their own version of the antibody used to treat migraines. What makes this class of drugs unique is that they work to prevent the onset of migraines instead of just treating the migraine once it begins. Researchers are currently developing an injectable version of the drug that could potentially be given to patients on a monthly basis to prevent migraines from occurring. More work continues on the drug as researchers also want to be sure they do not block the widespread and beneficial effects of CGRP elsewhere in the body.