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Sleeping Issues May Be Early Indicator of Cognitive Decline

CBS News reports research published in the journal Neurology which found that people who snore or have breathing problems while sleeping may experience cognitive decline at a much younger age than most other people. More than 2,500 people aged 55 to 90 were categorized as having either normal brain function, mild cognitive impairment or early stage Alzheimer’s. Researchers found that patients with sleep apnea were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment an average of almost 10 years earlier than other participants. Doctors recommend that sleep apnea patients use a CPAP device to keep airways open at night, and perhaps shedding a few pounds to improve breathing. The authors found that for people with sleep apnea that was properly treated, the onset of cognitive decline was nearly identical to that of people with no breathing issues.

Read the article published by CBS News.

Read the study published in the journal Neurology.