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Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Sperm-Producing Stem Cells

Fox News reports that a new study in Cell Reports has shown that skin cells may be able to give rise to stem cells which can eventually become sperm precursors called germ cells. Researchers took skin cells from 3 infertile, who had a gene mutation in AZF1, and 2 fertile men and turned them into pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and injected them into the testes of mice. Though the mice did not produce mature sperm, probably due to evolutionary differences between humans and mice, mice with iPS cells from both infertile and fertile men were able to transform the iPS cells into germ cells. Researchers say “the fact that the infertile men’s stem cells produced germ cells at all was surprising, because men with the AZF1 mutation often have no germ cells.”

Read the article published by Fox News.

Read the study in Cell Reports.