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Scientists “On the Hunt” for Breast Cancer Vaccine

USA Today reports that scientists are now “on the hunt” for a new breast cancer vaccine. The search began due to the development of vaccines for other types of cancer, such as cervical cancer, which scientists realized are often connected to a specific virus or bacteria. Only after a specific target is identified can vaccines be effective. HMTV, or human mammary tumor virus, has been found in 40% of breast tumors, although scientists are unsure if this virus is the cause of breast cancer or if it “just along for the ride.” Still, The National Breast Cancer Coalition has now started the Artemis Project which “will allow researchers to scour breast cancer genomes — the tumors’ entire collection of genes — to look for infectious microbes.” Additionally, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and the Cleveland Clinic are developing different approaches for the vaccine, focusing on specific proteins expressed in breast tissue.

Read the article published by USA Today.