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Scientists “Harsh the Mellow” of THC in Marijuana

The main ingredient in marijuana, THC, is known to cause “memory loss, torpor and other side-effects better known as being stoned” but now scientists have discovered a natural “break” on these effects, the Los Angeles Times reports. The finding is based on a study published in Science in which THC was administered to rats, which caused pregnenolone, a precursor to neurosteroids, levels to sore. Levels of neurosteroids did not change, however. By injecting stoned rats with an inhibitor of pregnenolone and observing that the stoned rats got even higher, scientists were able to determine that pregnenolone “appeared to tamp down the suppression of neurotransmitters characteristic of THC intoxication.” Pregnenolone also seemed to be affective in tampering appetite and addictive behaviors, a promising finding for the development of other drugs.

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the study in Science.