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Robotic Arm Will Allow Surgeons to Correct Birth Defects in Utero

CNN News reports that a new three-armed robotic device is being developed that will allow surgeons to operate on a fetus with minimal damage to the mother or the baby. Scientists at University College London (UCL), and KU Leuven developed the device “as part of a $17 million project funded by the Wellcome Trust and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council” in order to target birth defects such as spina bifida. “The device will consist of a photoacoustic camera that provides 3D imaging of the fetus in real time, which will help guide two flexible arms to deliver gels or patches to seal the gap in the spine of babies with spina bifida.” Scientists hope to make the robotic arm available for the treatment of all defects present at birth.

Read the article published by CNN News.