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Researchers Find Caffeine May Enhance Memory

The Huffington Post reports that, when taken in moderation, caffeine may improve memory for small detail. The finding is based on a study in Nature Neuroscience in which participants, who were non-regular caffeine consumers, were asked to take a 200 mg caffeine pill. They were then shown a number of images, and  24 hours later, shown some of the same images or some with slight variations. More difficult than traditional memory tests, this task is used to determine an ability called “pattern separation.” Researchers found that the participants who had taken the caffeine pill “were better able to identify that the similar images were different from the images viewed the day before .” Researchers warn that this effect shows a U-shape trend and that higher doses of caffeine may be harmful.

Read it in The Huffington Post.

Read the study in Nature Neuroscience.