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Poor Correlation Between Statins and Memory Loss

According to Reuters, a study looking at the risk of statins causing memory loss seems to show little indication that there is any correlation between the two. Although .8 percent of people taking statins experienced some type of short term memory loss compared to .2 percent who were not on statins, individuals starting other cholesterol lowering medications also had a 4 fold increase in short term memory loss. However, researchers do not believe that this memory loss is due to the medications themselves, but rather related to a phenomenon known as detection bias. This means that patients who would normally forget things like locking their car door are probably the ones who would forget to do that regardless of whether they were taking medication or not. However, patients are more likely to blame those issues on new medications when they occur. Researchers say that since the benefit of statins is well known, individuals should not be worried about continuing their medications.


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