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Oxytocin Nasal Spray May Help Intensify Orgasms

A new study in Hormones and Behavior has shown that an intranasal oxytocin spray may help improve and intensify orgasms, The Huffington Post reports. “29 healthy couples who’d been together for at least a year took either an oxytocinnasal spray or a placebo spray before having sex in their home.” Though couples did not report increased sex drive or arousal, “those who took oxytocin before sex — especially men — reported slightly more intense orgasms, as well as greater levels of contentment after sex. In addition, men who took oxytocin said they felt more sexually sated after sex than those who took the placebo.” Researchers note however, that the improved experience was slight and that the study was conducted only with sexually healthy individuals.

Read the article published by The Huffington Post.