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Omega-3 Supplementation May Lower Risk of Preterm Births

New research in The American Journal Clinical Nutrition evaluates whether 600 mg/d of the omega-3 long-chain PUFAs DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) can increase maternal and newborn DHA status, gestation duration, birth weight, and length. Researchers found “In comparison with placebo, DHA supplementation resulted in higher maternal and cord RBC-phospholipid-DHA (2.6%; P < 0.001), longer gestation duration (2.9 d; P = 0.041), and greater birth weight, length, and head circumference. In addition, the DHA group had fewer infants born at <34 wk of gestation (P = 0.025) and shorter hospital stays for infants born preterm than did the placebo group.”

Read it in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.