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Off-Hour Hospital Arrival Linked to Poorer Outcomes in Cardiac Patients

Having a heart attack and arriving at the emergency department at night or on the weekends may be linked to a poorer prognosis, USA Today reports. The finding is based on a study in BMJ that collected data from various studies conducted between 1987 and 2011 that examined the relationship between the time at which a heart attack patient arrived at the hospital and the likelihood of their death. Researchers found that “heart attack patients who show up at hospitals on nights or weekends are about 5% more likely to die, either immediately or in the next 30 days, than those who arrive on a weekday” and that they were 40% less likely than weekday patients to have an angioplasty during the 90-minute window considered ideal. Experts say, “the most likely explanation for the higher death rate is that hospitals provide worse care in off hours.”

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