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New Supercomputer Makes Human Genome Sequencing Affordable and Efficient

The long-awaited world’s first “DNA-crunching supercomputer” is finally here. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Illumina, a company that develops systems to analyze genetic variation, has introduced the machine that will be available this quarter. Current sequencing techniques cost about $10,000 for a human genome but the new machine is “designed to process 20,000 genomes per year at a cost of $1,000 each.” According to officials at Illumina, the machine should make full genome sequences a less tedious process in the quest to discover the underlaying causes of cancer. This low-cost, high-speed machine “will be a blockbuster product.” The $1 million HiSeq X systems will end up at large research centers, while a smaller $250,000 system, the NextSeq 500, can fit on a laboratory counter.

Read it in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.