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New Research Shows Conversion of Normal Cells to Stem Cells Possible

Stem cells have been accepted as the future of medicine by many medical professionals but ethical and financial issues surrounding their harvested has led them to become a point of contention. New research published in Nature, however, may provide the solution to these debates, offering an alternative to traditional stem cell harboring: turning regular cells into stem cells, USA Today reports. Researchers “produced cells they call STAP cells (for stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency) by putting mouse white blood cells under various stressors, such as a low-pH, acidic solution.” These STAP cells were also shown to give rise to lines of pluripotent cell lines. Though further research is necessary, the findings suggest that one day doctors may be able to scrape skin cells off of a heart attack patient and convert these cells into stem cells which could eventually become healthy heart cells.

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Read the study in Nature.