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New Fecal Matter Pill Offers Treatment for C. Difficile Infection

A new “poop pill” may be an effective treatment for the gastrointestinal bacteria clostridium difficile, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bacteria competes with the body’s natural intestinal bacteria and causes symptoms ranging from diarrhea to inflammation of the colon. Until now, scientists have been using fecal transplants from a relative of a patient to provide the patient with normal intestinal bacteria, but the “‘yuck factor’ of the procedure continues to deter physicians from offering it to patients who could benefit.” Now scientists have developed a pill contained the same fecal matter but filtered of undigested food and compressed by extremely high forces. The pill slowly dissolves in the patient’s intestine an hour after it is ingested where “the normal, good bacterial outcompete the c. difficile.”

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.