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New Expandable Weight-Loss Pill Helps You Feel Full Faster

Gelesis100, a new weight-loss device, has proven mildly effective in early trials, The New York Times reports. Researchers from Gelesis, the company developing the pill, tested their product in 128 overweight or obese individuals, who were also put on a calorie-restricted diet. Unlike traditional weight-loss pills, which act neurochemically, Gelesis100 consists of tiny particles already found in food which swell to 100 times their size in the stomach when mixed with food or fluid to make the individual feel fuller, faster. In the study, people on the low dose Gelesis100 lost 6.1 percent of their body weight, compared to 4.1 percent for those taking a placebo. “The advantage of a capsule like Gelesis100 is that the stomach filling occurs only at mealtimes, while the balloon stays in place round the clock, though it should be taken out after six months.”

Read it in The New York Times.