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New Bionic Hand Will Allow for Amputee to Feel Sensation

Losing ones hand can have an debilitating effect on ones quality of life and while current prosthetics allow for basic movement of the hand, they lack the ability to provide sensory feedback. Reuters reports that that may all change with the invention of a new bionic hand, reported on in Science Translational Magazine, that will allow for bi-directional feedback so a person can feel what they are holding. “Ultra-thin electrodes the width of a human hair were surgically implanted into the ulnar and median nerves” and sensors in the bionic hand measure the tension from these electrodes “while computer algorithms transform this information into an electrical signal that the nerves can interpret.” Scientists report that the result is “real-time” sensation, though further work is necessary to discriminate between detailed textures.

Read the article published by Reuters.

Read the study in Science Translational Magazine.

Featured image is screenshot from Reuters video.