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New Alternative to Statins Receives FDA Panel Approval

According to CBS News, the FDA panel has voted to approve Praluent, part of a new class of injectable cholesterol lowering drugs. Praluent, developed by Sanofi, is a PCSK9 inhibitor that acts in the blood to help lower LDLs. Praluent is seen as promising because in trials it lowered cholesterol by 60-70 percent while statins lower cholesterol by about 30-40 percent. However, Praluent is a more expensive alternative, potentially costing 500-1000 dollars per month while statins cost about 4 dollars per month. High cholesterol affects about one in three Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease, although only about half of Americans are receiving medical treatment. Therefore, improved cholesterol lowering drugs can potentially have a large impact on public health.

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