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New 3-D Scanning May Better Detect Breast Cancer

NPR Shots’ blog reports on a new 3-D mammogram that may help better detect early and more curable forms of breast cancer. The technique, called breast tomosynthesis, uses an X-ray machine which “swings in an arc to take about 60 1-millimeter-thick images,” as compared to conventional mammograms which take one horizontal and one vertical image of each breast. Researchers who tested the 3-D technology administered the test to 15,633 woman and found that cancer detection rates increased from 4.28 to 5.24 per 1,000 patients and that false positives decreased from 10.40% to 8.78%. Researchers warn that the 3-D mammogram is still in its early stages of testing but hope that “it’s the beginning of an evolution toward more precise, personalized breast cancer screening.”

Read it in NPR Shots’ blog.