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‘Microwave Helmet’ May Revolutionize Stroke Detection

For most patients, stroke detection comes too late as brain cells perish within minutes of the onset of a stroke but now a new device may help detect strokes faster than a CT scanNPR’s Shots blog reports. The device, called “The Strokefinder,” “consists of an array of 12 antennas arranged around the head like a helmet” which emit microwaves into the skull and the brain. While one antenna emits the wave, the remaining antennas can use wave changes to detect levels of cranial bleeding. When The Strokefinder was tested in a group of 45 individuals, it correctly identified all 19 strokes, though it did give 5 false positives. “With further trials on patients, the researchers hope to improve their algorithms and decrease the false positive rate,” so that every ambulance could be equipped with the device.

Read the article published by NPR’s Shots blog.