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Microparticle Therapy May Improve Damage After Heart Attack

USA Today reports on a study in Science Translational Magazine that has identified a potential therapy for combating the damage that the immune system may do following a heart attack. Following a heart attack, immune cells, called inflammatory monocytes, “rush ‘soldiers’ to the heart to fight what they think are invaders,” but this reaction is often uncontrolled and can compound damage. The new therapy, discovered accidentally in a West Nile Virus rat study, uses negatively charged micro-particles that can carry immune cells to the spleen to be destroyed before they do damage. Though the research is in its early stages and has only been tested in mice, “if it is shown to work in people, it could transform treatment for a wide variety of ailments” including irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and West Nile Virus.

Read the article published by USA Today.

Read the study in Science Translational Magazine.