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Methamphetamine-like Compound Found in Sports Supplement

USA Today reports that the “popular and widely controversial” sports supplement, Craze, has now been found to contain methamphetamine-like compounds. Craze is produced by Driven Sports who market the supplement as containing “only natural compounds” and as “giving unrelenting energy and focus.” The study, to be published today in Drug Testing and Analysis, has identified the meth-like compound to be n,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine, a slightly less potent form of methamphetamine. Though there are suggestions on how the compound is modified so as not to be as addictive as methamphetamine, “because it hasn’t been studied, its dangers aren’t known.” In light of the findings, experts urge that, “regulators may want to consider taking action to warn consumers.”

Read the article published by USA Today.