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Maternal Antidepressants May Not Pose Risk to Fetuses

A recent study done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital has found that, contrary to a 2006 FDA report, antidepressants known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) do not seem to increase the risk of babies being born with pulmonary hypertension. According to CBS News, the Harvard study looked at 3.8 million pregnant women nationwide and evaluated those who were taking antidepressant medications compared to those who weren’t, while the 2006 report made by the FDA, cited a smaller study. Due to the newer study results, Harvard states that women with depression who are in need of antidepressant medication should still take their medication as prescribed. Without taking the antidepressant medication, Harvard doctor Katherine Economy says that the pregnant mothers ability to care for themselves and the baby could be negatively impacted, therefore negating the minimal, if any, future side effects to the newborn.

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