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Marijuana Use Linked to Reproductive Problems in Men

Marijuana use has been shown to be linked to poor memory and cognitive function but a new study in Reproductive Medicine has shown that marijuana may also affect a man’s ability to produce healthy sperm. CNN News explains that researchers took sperm samples from 1,970 men who also reported lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol use, BMI and the type of underwear the men wore. They found that 318 men produced “abnormal sperm, where less than 4% of it was the correct shape and size.” These men “were typically under 30 years old” and “had used marijuana within three months of giving their sample.” While causal relationship is unproven, experts say, “clinicians should counsel their patients on the possible relationships between lifestyle factors, abnormal semen parameters and fertility outcomes.”

Read the article published by CNN News.

Read the study in Reproductive Medicine.