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Low-Dose Aspirin May Prevent Colon Cancer

Reuters reports that long-term use of low-dose aspirin may lower the risk of colon cancer in women. These results come from a study in Annals of Internal Medicine that was a follow-up to a previous study that showed that heart disease patients who took consistent low doses of aspirin had a lower overall risk of death from cancer. In the current study, after 10 years of low-dose aspirin use, the incidence of colon cancer diagnoses was 11 of 1,000, while the placebo group showed 14 cases in 1,000. The study’s lead author, suggests that although the use of aspirin as a treatment may be controversial due to its connection to stomach ulcers “the benefits may outweigh those (risks) because you would be preventing more heart attacks and strokes.”

Read the article published by Reuters.