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United States

Don't miss this Beverly Hills institution! Nate 'n Al is a must-see.
The Piedmont Town Center offers the best in open-air restaurants mixed with stylish residential space and office facilities. Piedmont Town Center Sponsored by The Doctor's Channel

A tranquil outdoor garden serving delectable treats

Jin Patisserie – Venice, CA

Enjoy a selection of fine teas, coffees, sandwiches and pastries, carefully crafted by artisan bakers under the direction of Kristy Choo. Sponsored by The Doctor's Channel

The hottest new footwear for doctors!

MBT Footwear – San Francisco, CA

Dr. David Best visits Nomadic Outfitters in San Francisco, California to discuss the hottest new footwear and their benefits for doctors: MBT - Masai Barefoot Technology. Visit the Nomadic Outfitters website at: Sponsored by The Doctor's...