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Hospital Follows Court Orders to Remove Life Support for Pregnant Patient

A Fort Worth Hospital that refused to withdraw life support from a pregnant woman, “claiming that the law prevented them from doing so until they could perform a cesarean delivery,” has decided not to appeal a court decision, The New York Times reports. After a long debate over whether removing life support would contradict “Texas Legislature’s ‘commitment to the life and health of unborn children,'” the hospital followed court orders to remove life support by Monday at 5 pm. The court claimed ‘the state law barring doctors from withdrawing “life-sustaining treatment’ to pregnant women did not apply to Ms. Muñoz because she was brain-dead and therefore legally dead.” The woman’s husband commented that he was appalled at the decision to keep her on life support because she was pronounced brain dead only 2 hours after arriving at the hospital due to a blood clot in her lungs.

Read it in The New York Times.