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Helmets Show Little Promise in Preventing Head Deformities in Infants

Laying supine may help prevent SIDS but it also may worsen head deformities in infants. Now, new research shows that helmets used to prevent these deformities may do little to improve the shape of an infant’s skull, The New York Times’ Well blog reports. The finding is based on a study in BMJ that assigned children with head deformities either to wear a a helmet 23 hours a day for 6 months or to wear no helmet. Results showed “the improvements were not significantly different between the helmet-wearers and the infants not wearing helmets.” Researchers say that the “paper provides pediatricians and worried parents ‘reassurance that not doing helmet therapy will give you the same results as doing helmet therapy, which is expensive’ and can be ‘stressful for the family.'”

Read it in The New York Times’ Well blog.

Read the study in BMJ.