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Having Two Parents With Alzheimer’s Poses Early Risks for Offspring

The Los Angeles Times reports on a study in Neurology that has shown that having two parents with Alzheimer’s disease may place one at risk of showing neurological hallmarks of the disease even before mental skills decline. Researchers recruited 13 people with a mother with Alzheimer’s, 13 people with a father with Alzheimer’s, 13 people with two parents with Alzheimer’s and 13 people with no family history of Alzheimer’s. Though “none of the 52 subjects, who underwent magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scans and two types of PET scans, showed any behavioral signs of suffering from Alzheimer’s,” the subjects with two parents with Alzheimer’s showed reduced overall metabolic activity, reduced grey matter, and higher levels of amyloid plaques. Researchers are hopeful that these findings may help at-risk individuals to receive treatment to delay progression of the disease before it affects cognitive function.

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.