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Glucosamine May Help Promote Longevity

New research published in Nature Communications suggests that the popular supplement, glucosamine, may help to extend lifespan, the Los Angeles Times reports. Researchers gave one group of both worms and mice a supplement of glucosamine and simply fed the other group a normal diet. They found that glucosamine, which stimulates the breakdown of fatty acids and amino acids “extended the life span of roundworms by 5% and old mice by almost 10%.” “Interestingly, the life-extending effects of glucosamine were erased when the worms were also given antioxidants, which are touted for their health-promoting effects in humans.” Researchers suspect that it is the free radicals produced by fatty acids breakdown, and which are suppressed by antioxidants, that promote health metabolism and aging.

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the study in Nature Communications.