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Geographical Location May Determine Quality of Treatment for Seniors

Where a senior lives affects not only the amount of healthcare they receive but also the medications they’re prescribed, the Associated Press reports. According to a report by The Dartmouth Atlas Project many senior citizens are not only not receiving necessary treatment but are also prescribed risky treatments, where 1 in 4 on Medicare’s prescription drug plan filed for prescriptions that are deemed “high risk.” Additionally, “Seniors who live in Alexandria, La., were more than three times as likely as those in Rochester, Minn., to receive those potentially harmful drugs.” Another finding showed that for those seniors who broke a bone due to osteoporosis, 28% were prescribed medication to prevent a future fracture in Honalulu while only 7% were prescribed the medication in Newark, NJ. The study also found that doctors in certain areas, such as in Miami, are much more likely to prescribe medication in general. These findings are alarming and suggest that a standardization of healthcare is necessary for proper treatment of elderly patients.

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Read the report by The Dartmouth Atlas Project.