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Fever-Reducers May Increase Rates of Flu Transmission

Many doctors recommend fever-reducers to those with the flu but a new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society has found that taking these medications may increase the spread of flu to others, USA Today reports. Researchers assembled published data on the use of anti-fever drugs and the prevalence of flu in the population. They found that “use of anti-fever drugs, technically known as anti-pyretics, raises the number of flu cases by roughly 5% a year, translating to more than 1,000 additional deaths in the USA annually.” Researchers also say that these numbers may be an underestimate, because they only examined higher levels of the virus. The authors urge patients not to stop taking these medications but to be aware of the potential to spread the virus.

Read the article published by USA Today.

Read the study in Proceedings of the Royal Society.