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Fecal Transplants: The Future of GI Disorder Therapy?

According to the CDC, the incidence, deaths, and medical costs due to Clostridium difficile, or C. diff have reached historic highs but a new procedure, called fecal transplantation, may be the solution, The Washington Post reports. Fecal transplantion treats conditions such as irritable bowel syndromeobesity or infections due to C. diff by restoring bacterial balance to the gut. The procedure has also been shown to have a 92% cure rate. Though the first fecal transplant did not occur until 1999, experts “estimate that about 50 to 75 U.S. doctors perform the procedure on hundreds of patients a year … Despite these and other promising results, fecal transplantation is still not accepted by many physicians, who see it as ‘is too much off the conventional path of practicing,’ experts say.”

Read it in The Washington Post.