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Ebola Outbreak Claims Sierra Leone’s Top Doctor

According to an article published by Reuters, Sheik Umar Khan, the leading Ebola doctor of Sierra Leone, has died after contracting Ebola less than a week ago. The loss of the country’s only viral hemorrhagic fever specialist stresses the danger towards health workers fighting the disease, particularly in the wake of the death of two Americans among dozens of other staff members. Since the start of the outbreak in February, the virus—which has a fatality rate of at least sixty percent—has claimed nearly 700 victims throughout Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, reports the World Health Organization. Although there are no official travel restrictions yet, due to heightened concerns, local airlines are taking special precautions for flights through Lome and the largest Nigerian airline has suspended all flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone because of the heightened risks.

Read the article published by Reuters.