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Diabetics Now Have More Treatment Options, Thanks to Sanofi SA

According to Reuters, Sanofi SA has just launched an inhalable insulin medication in an effort to boost its diminishing drug sales in the face of competition from Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. Afrezza, the only inhalable form of insulin, should act faster than traditional insulin injections, but there is skepticism after a failed version from Pfizer was withdrawn in 2006. Analysts expect the drug to generate only around $182 billion in sales by 2019 given consumer skepticism and the fact that Afrezza is not recommended for asthmatics or smokers. Sanofi has a 30 percent market share for diabetes medications, but their patent on Lantus, the world’s most prescribed insulin drug, expires this year and little sales growth is expected through 2018.

Read the article published by Reuters.