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Corticosteroids and Physiotherapy Found Ineffective for Lateral Epicondylalgia

A new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association investigates the effectiveness of corticosteroid injection, multimodal physiotherapy, or both in patients with unilateral lateral epicondylalgia. Researchers found “Corticosteroid injection resulted in lower complete recovery or much improvement at 1 year vs placebo injection (83% vs 96%, respectively; relative risk [RR], 0.86; P = .01) and greater 1-year recurrence (54% vs 12%; RR, 0.23; P < .001). The physiotherapy and no physiotherapy groups did not differ on 1-year ratings of complete recovery or much improvement (91% vs 88%, respectively; RR, 1.04; P = .56) or recurrence (29% vs 38%; RR, 1.31; P = .25).”

Read it in JAMA.