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Experimental Trial for New Ebola Drug Progresses

A second experimental Ebola drug from Tekemira Pharmaceuticals is advancing through clinical trials from healthy volunteers to affected patients in Africa thanks to help from the FDA, the New York Times reports. Last month, the FDA had stopped the trial for TKM-Ebola because of side effects, but taking into account the severity of this outbreak, they have pushed the drug through. TKM-Ebola targets genes of the virus and shuts them down via RNA interference. Another experimental drug from San Diego-based company Mapp Biopharmaceutical known as ZMapp was used on the two American Ebola patients, and appears to be working. Both drugs are currently in the process of approval in order to be used to help Ebola patients in Africa, though supplies are limited and several regulatory obstacles still stand in the way.

Read the article published by the New York Times.