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Cervical Cancer Vaccine Works Even in H.I.V. Infected Women

A new study in Clinical Infectious Diseases has found that a cervical cancer vaccine may work even in H.I.V. infected women, The New York Times reports. Because the immune system is responsible for antibody production in response to vaccines and because H.I.V. infected people have compromised immune systems, many experts were skeptical about vaccination use in H.I.V. patients. However, when 319 H.I.V. infected women were injected with Gardisil, most of the women produced antibodies to all 4 strains of human papillomavirus. “Women who were infected with H.I.V. fairly recently developed antibodies in more than 90 percent of cases…women whose infection had progressed into AIDS developed antibodies more than 75 percent of the time.”

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Read the study in Clinical Infectious Diseases.